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Sustainable fashion should be accessible, not exclusive. That's why we're on a mission to create affordable, everyday statement pieces with sustainability in mind. Let's face it, this process is an ongoing journey, not a destination. Every small step creates a positive impact on the environment.

Smart Fashion

Did you know that traditional retail needs to make one garment cover the cost of four because they are not able to adjust production based on demand fast enough? Not only does this inflate the cost of clothes, it also means they know they're producing clothes that may not sell, making it ecologically wasteful.At Cider, we operate on a ”smart fashion” model where we only produce what we know our customers want. We are able to adjust production in real time by looking at direct feedback and data from our customers (pretty cool, right?!). This means we produce less waste than traditional retail fashion companies, allowing us to deliver fashion more quickly and with less waste. The more you know!

Packaging Done Better

We're transitioning to d2w biodegradable bags by the end of 2022. This transition will be gradual to ensure our existing packaging doesn't go to waste!

You can use our current packaging for more than one use. Here are a few ways you can help to repurpose your old Cider bags:

Beach Day?

Use them as a dry bag for your essentials!

Sleepover with your bestie?

Use them to hold your makeup on the go!

Desk drawer a mess?

Organize your pens, highlighters, post-it notes, etc!

Made With Mother Earth In Mind

The pieces in our Recycled Cider Collection ♻️🍏 are made of recycled materials certified by Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Recycled materials require fewer resources to produce than non-recycled materials, minimizing their carbon footprint and improving sustainability.

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Our Team

Since day 1, Cider has been built from the bottom up with a global team of young talents. Our diverse team works across 14 countries, 11 languages, and is majority women/women-identifying individuals (with females in more than half of leadership roles)!

There are so many amazing people who help create your favorite Cider clothes.

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Our Community

Our commitment to inclusion doesn't end with our team. We are committed to inclusion in everything we do.Today, we do this by:

Carrying a product size range from US 0 - US 24 (XS - 4XL)

Uplifting and showcasing diversity and individuality in our campaigns and social channels

Partnering with businesses that share our values on diversity and inclusion

Cider wouldn't be where it is today without its community at large. As there is always more work to be done, you can confidently count on us to continue striving towards a more diverse and accessible future.